How Does Foreign Travel Work With Medicare Supplement?

For many seniors, travel is an exciting part of a retirement plan. Whether you’re planning a continuous exploration of faraway lands or a simple one-week trip abroad, foreign travel is a reality for many after leaving the nine-to-five lifestyle behind. But, what about your health care needs? Will your Medicare coverage come with you on […]

Is Medicare Advantage a Good Deal?

Medicare Advantage (MA or Part C), is a popular alternative to traditional Medicare. Since 2010, enrollment increased 71 percent, with as many as one in every three eligible seniors today choosing an Medicare Advantage plan over Original Medicare. Understanding this option is a critical step in managing health care into retirement.  Here are some things to consider, […]

COBRA and Medicare—What You Should Know

If you receive health insurance benefits through work, you may have heard about COBRA coverage. COBRA helps people avoid losing their health insurance abruptly during a qualifying event, such as divorce, death, retirement, or leaving a job. With COBRA, you pay for employer provided health benefits to continue for you, your spouse and your dependents […]

A New Kind of Travel Insurance—GeoBlue

Love to travel? Exploring new cities, states, and even different countries is exciting.  While many seniors take to the open road after retiring, many more travel internationally for work. If you enjoy traveling, and plan to do a lot of it this year, or will be going abroad for work, it may be worth looking […]