Short Term Health Insurance Overview

Texas Short-term Health Insurance

Accidents are never planned and without adequate health coverage, even one trip to the hospital can leave you crippled financially. Don’t take chances with your health or the health of your loved ones when you can find quality and affordable Texas Short-term insurance. After all, you never know when you need to visit the doctor or when you need medical care you weren’t expecting. Take steps to secure the safety and care of your family by learning how a short-term policy can give you peace of mind.

Who Needs Short-term Health Insurance?

There are several reasons why someone may benefit from a short-term health insurance policy. Perhaps you’re not quite 65 years old but you’ve already retired. If you’re not eligible for Texas Medicare benefits, a short-term health insurance policy can protect you for the time being. In other cases, you may have graduated college but haven’t found the perfect job or are in between jobs, waiting for new benefits from group coverage to begin. Both individuals and families can benefit from the coverage provided by a quality short-term health insurance plan.

Typical Coverage

With most short-term health insurance plans, you decide on the amount of coverage you’re most comfortable with and for how long you need it. From simple benefits for one month to comprehensive protection for up to six months, it’s easy to find the perfect plan to suit both your needs and your budget. Common health care expenses are usually covered with most short-term health insurance. Some of these services include inpatient and outpatient medical, surgical, and hospital services, diagnostic services, emergency care, office visits, some prescription drug coverage, and more.


Cost varies considerably between individual providers, but it’s relatively typical to expect to pay a deductible ranging from $500 to $2000 as well as other out-of-pocket expenses including coinsurance and copays. In many cases, based on your unique situation, you have the flexibility to choose your own deductible amount making it easier to afford temporary coverage. Prescription drug coverage is usually included, although you will most likely pay up to 30 percent of the costs.

When you find yourself or your family in transition, it might be the right decision to consider quality short-term health insurance. Luckily, for Texans, it’s easy to find affordable coverage that’s not only reliable but also flexible enough to give you the benefits you need when you need them most.