James and Barbara Vitulli

” Shane gave us all the info upfront and is always available when we need him”

James and Barbara Vitulli Kurten, TX

Anthony G. Smith

Jenn  I requested your e-mail address from Marc Lallier, after working with him in early to mid March. I was trying  to obtain insurance coverage due to my disability Medicare taking effect on May 1,  2015.

To say the least this process can be confusing and very frustrating for an individual trying to get signed up.

I got lucky and got a call from Marc, once I had filled out the online information request.  I let Marc know I was confused, and need the process explained to me.  Marc ask a lot of questions wanting to try and understand the type of coverage I was interested in, HMO, PPO or something different.

Once Marc had a general understanding of what I needed, he DID NOT just sell me on something, he took the names of all my doctors, all my medications, the hospitals near me,  and went over several policies types, the benefits of each, the cons of each and guided me to a decision that I made which was best for me.

He never pushed, he was never short, he took his time, he was empathetic to my needs.

In the end I chose a policy, he gave me a couple of days to study everything.  He gave me all the information via e-mail attachments, so I could open the attachments, study them, and ask additional question, on any item I found confusing or did not understand.

I tell you this so you understand, that Marc is a great ASSET to your company,  I talked to 7 different agents going through this process.  Marc was BY FAR the most polite, most informed and most knowledgeable of all reps I spoke with from all the different companies.

Marc would be a great model for any new future trainee’s you may have, as he is OUTSTANDING at his profession.

Thank you for listening.  Most of the time all you get is complaints on people, and never or seldom praise for a person that knows their job, and takes care of their client, as Marc does.

I did buy the policy form Marc.

Thank You, and Thank Marc!!!



Anthony G. Smith Tomball, TX

Jose and Maria Perez

“Gloria worked hard to get everything straight, She is a very good Agent”.

Jose and Maria Perez Houston, TX

Audrey Dean

“Very thorough. Jim went over all the different plans. He advised me on my options with my limited income in mind. I liked that. He did a great job”

Audrey Dean Porter, TX

Pil Tan

“Ken gave me excellent service. I really appreciated that he helped me find the plan that was best for me instead of trying to sell me the most expensive plan”.

Pil Tan Houston, TX