Testimonials From Our Clients – CDIS of Texas

  • "Marcia is very very very nice! She was cordial and went out of her way to help me. She made sure I was fully informed. I had received many calls from people, but no one was as helpful as Marcia. In fact, my final decision to go with BCBS was mainly because of Marcia's help."

    – Teresa Schubert
    Spring, TX

  • "Thank you so much for your help Marc....I look forward to your assistance when time for signing up for Medicare...I have been searching for these answers for quite some time and you are actually the only true help I have found".

    – Kay Elliott
    Graham, TX

  • I only wish I had contacted you sooner, at least a month before we became eligible for Medicare, rather than living with a dining room inundated with my own research! In addition, the manner of the agents who called the house was not a demeanor I could or would trust.

    Then I remember the conversation I had with you, and after much hunting I found the notes I had entered on my calendar earlier in the year. I recalled instant trust-like a nice, calm conversation with an informed friend! Your manner plus another reason for that trust, was that you told me you wanted to wait a bit longer to write policies until the changes in Medicare were in place, no one else mentioned that. Thank you!

    – J. Reed
    Sulphur Springs, Texas

  • With Jenn’s help, I found a plan that was perfect for my wife and I retirement needs and saved us money from what we had been paying. Thank you for always answering our questions, calls and emails.

    – C. Richards
    Houston, Texas

  • "Marcia was a great help. She explained everything in detail, even followed up to make sure I got my cards and info. Then made sure I got my Part D set up. When I did have a problem, I contacted Marcia and she straighten everything out for me. A great help and very easy to work with!"

    – William Morris
    Humble, TX

  • "Shane did great! The online application went well. He was very open, friendly and helpful in answering my questions. He knows what he is talking about. In one word Shane was: excellent"

    – Kay Ollett
    Katy, TX

  • Beverly,
    I would like to thank you very much for the quick response to the card I sent your company. You were the only one to call me and inform me of my benefits I would have with your company. It only took twenty minutes on the phone to sign up and get everything ready to start on September 1 2012.

    – Samuel Marshall
    Katy, Texas

  • Dear Carol,

    I hope this note is finding you well and anticipating a fun summer.

    I wanted to take a moment and give you a very big THANK YOU. You sure made my transition to Medicare go so much more smoothly and you called at just the right time. I am already signed up for not only my supplement medical insurance but you also connected me to someone to help with my Rx plan.

    As of July 1st, I am set to go have fun. Thanks again and I am passing on your cards to family and friends.

    – Lucy Schoonover
    Kerriville, Texas

  • Jenn, Thank you for helping me with this, what I thought was a confusing task, you have made it simple and very pleasant. You are an excellent professional. Once again, you are absolutely the best. Thank you for making it so easy and solving a very unsettled status in my life."

    – S. Randall
    Refugio, Texas

  • Someone deserves a promotion! Or, at the least, recognition as a credit to CDIS. I would like to offer enthusiastic support, compliments and gratitude to Brittany Riddle for the service she recently provided to me during my application and enrollment as a new client of BCBSTX. Brittany was professional yet personal, very responsive, fully knowledgeable, and sincerely interested in my case and my satisfaction as a customer. It is my (tiresome) nature to be thorough and ask questions and Brittany never missed a beat in providing clear answers and options. In particular, she guided me successfully through an appeal process when my policy was first activated with a rider attached. In this day when customer service can be lacking and insincere, Brittany was a pleasure to deal with and a true partner through the application process; so much so that I have referred others to her as they consider making changes to their health insurance.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    – Barrett Sides
    Houston, Texas

  • Lesli's professional manner and her ability to explain the policy to me made my decision to select a supplemental policy for my retirement an easy one. I would highly recommend her to my friends. Thank you

    – Ron Hornburg
    Cypress, Texas

  • Marc,

    I have really appreciated your help in achieving my insurance needs.
    It is a pleasure to work with you. I am looking to a long lasting relationship

    – Bill Cashion
    Huffman, Texas

  • Hi Brittany,

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my confirmation for approval. Thank You for all you help and time you spent in listening to what I was needing and explaining the differences in plans you had available for me. Your help made this process very easy and everything ran smoothly.

    Thank you again for all your help.


    – Luci Rodriguez
    Richmond, Texas

  • Thanks for your help and patience today, Brittany. I appreciated your concentration and warmth very much.

    – Rick Archer
    Houston, Texas

  • Thanks so much, Lesli! I appreciate your service so much - you were an amazing help to me. Blessings,

    – Allison Sherwin
    Arlington, Texas

  • Hi Brittany,

    As always, you are the consummate professional. Thank you for checking on me.

    I suppose you get told this a lot, but you are good at this. I had another agent, but all she ever did was drag her feet. This went on for two years until you popped up out of nowhere. I could tell the difference immediately. Good for you!

    I asked my wife and she said the packet has not yet arrived. Would you mind prodding them a bit?

    Thank you! Rick Archer

    – Rick Archer
    Houston, Texas

  • On January 1, 2013, I changed my Medicare Supplement Health Insurance to Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, prior to making that decision, I had numerous forms to complete, information to provide, confusing for me decisions to make, and my wife and I were assisted very ably by Marcia Williams, an insurance advisor working with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and, I assume, other firms. Ms. Williams was very helpful; she talked in depth and satisfied any hesitancy my wife had about making this change. Her assistance was very beneficial to us. She is very knowledgeable about all phases of the Supplemental Health Business and an extremely understanding person.

    I appreciate all the work, effort and expertise Ms. Williams performed and wish to express appreciation for her assistance in a time of change for my wife and me.

    – Preston Moore
    Houston, Texas

  • "I like the online application because Beverly walked us through step by step and it was much faster than a normal paper application."

    – Josephine & Jim Perez
    Kingwood, TX

  • I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Brittany's Riddle's help last month in choosing my health insurance. I initially did research on my own. When I was ready to choose a plan, Brittany was very easy to talk with, helped me compare plans, didn't push me toward a plan or price I felt uncomfortable with, and also walked me through the sign up process. Her folllow-up to answer additional questions and make sure I received my new health insurance cards was great.

    Thank you for your time,

    – Heidi Berthiaume
    Plano, Texas

  • Marcia was a joy to work with. She was helpful and answered my questions. I am glad to have her as my go to person for all my medicare needs.

    – Bessie Pruitt
    Humble, Texas

  • I've been BCBS Texas customer since last fall and I've been really pleased with all the support and assistance your agent Jordan Kohanim has given me. She's been very helpful and knowledgeable both during the time when I was preliminarily comparing the insurance options and then later when I had additional questions. So far she's the most proactive and pleasant agent I've been dealing with. Kindly pass this positive feedback also to her.

    – Maarit Karp
    Grapevine, Texas

  • Jenn--wanted to send you a quick message telling you how good my experience with Jordan Kohanim was. I was changing jobs and needed a quick way to get insured for the time before my new company's benefits kicked in. Jordan had me setup and ready to go in minutes. I had tried getting the process taken care of online myself and found that experience frustrating. Thanks to Jordan I was ready to roll very, very quickly.

    BCBS is who I still use for insurance, and thanks to Jordan, who I will continue to use if I'm ever in the position to choose my insurance provider in the future.

    – Andrew Kilzer
    Bryan, Texas

  • Jenn,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sending me to Jordan. Jordan was most helpful and pleasant. If certain that she be there for me if I’m ever in need of assistance.

    Thank you, again.

    – Jean Pennison
    Houston, Texas

  • I wanted to send an email to tell you how great Jordan's customer service was. This is my first time to have personal insurance and she helped make the process very easy. She helped me when I couldn't figure out how to switch my bill to automatic. She is great!.

    – Kelly Sprinkle
    Austin, Texas

  • I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I have been
    with Jordan Kohanim. She has been very informative and helpful
    when it came to me acquiring my additional insurance. I really
    appreciate everything she has done for me. She was very
    professional and helped me in every way that I asked. She also
    keeps in contact with me to see if there is anything else I may
    need. We need more people like her working with new customers.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with
    Jordan again!

    – Marie Lehto
    Porter, Texas

  • I just wanted to tell you how helpful Jordan was when I was looking into Medicare Supplemental Plans and temporary insurance for February until my Medicare started in March. She is very knowledgeable and was very patient with all my questions.

    I did go with your temporary insurance and will keep Jordan in mind for future insurance needs.

    – Chris Megless
    Austin, Texas

  • This short note is to acknowledge that Marcia Williams has helped my husband and myself with the confusing world of Medicare. If it weren’t for her we would still be in the dark about it all.

    People keep saying it is so easy but with all the calls a person gets from various companies it is a minefield. Thank you so much Marcia for all the time you took with us and the explaining of all that had to be done correctly. We appreciate you so very much and hope that others will acknowledge the work people do to help the unknowing person about what is needed and what you can do without.

    – Larry and Phyllis Anders
    Katy, Texas

  • This is just to inform you that Leslie really worked to get me reinstated with Blue Cross. I had
    Blue Cross and let someone talk me into changing insurance- I regretted it-we have had
    Blue Cross for years. Leslie worked diligently to get me reinstated-Yea
    Thanks Leslie

    – Ann Kennedy
    Buffalo, Texas

  • I just wanted to take a minute to write to you to let you know what a wonderful and pleasant person Jordan Kohanim is to work with. She was very polite, professional, and made this process switch to Blue Cross Blue Shield a breeze. This was the smoothest transition and process I've every had.

    – Roy Webb
    Terrell, Texas

  • Jenn I requested your e-mail address from Marc Lallier, after working with him in early to mid March. I was trying to obtain insurance coverage due to my disability Medicare taking effect on May 1, 2015.

    To say the least this process can be confusing and very frustrating for an individual trying to get signed up.

    I got lucky and got a call from Marc, once I had filled out the online information request. I let Marc know I was confused, and need the process explained to me. Marc ask a lot of questions wanting to try and understand the type of coverage I was interested in, HMO, PPO or something different.

    Once Marc had a general understanding of what I needed, he DID NOT just sell me on something, he took the names of all my doctors, all my medications, the hospitals near me, and went over several policies types, the benefits of each, the cons of each and guided me to a decision that I made which was best for me.

    He never pushed, he was never short, he took his time, he was empathetic to my needs.

    In the end I chose a policy, he gave me a couple of days to study everything. He gave me all the information via e-mail attachments, so I could open the attachments, study them, and ask additional question, on any item I found confusing or did not understand.

    I tell you this so you understand, that Marc is a great ASSET to your company, I talked to 7 different agents going through this process. Marc was BY FAR the most polite, most informed and most knowledgeable of all reps I spoke with from all the different companies.

    Marc would be a great model for any new future trainee's you may have, as he is OUTSTANDING at his profession.

    Thank you for listening. Most of the time all you get is complaints on people, and never or seldom praise for a person that knows their job, and takes care of their client, as Marc does.

    I did buy the policy form Marc.

    Thank You, and Thank Marc!!!

    – Anthony G. Smith
    Tomball, TX

  • "Beverly was very kind and courteous and she helped us to understand and explore the options in a timely manner. The online application process was very convenient and I’ve called Beverly several times and we’ve found her very helpful."

    – Clarence Mayers
    Odessa, Texas

  • "Brittany was so helpful. We were not face to face at any point but she made everything so easy to understand. The web conference was amazing and I knew what she was doing and could ask questions on things I needed to. I highly recommend her for your health insurance needs."

    – Heidi Berthiaume
    Plano, Texas

  • Jordan was so helpful for our Medicare needs. She answered all our questions and helped us make sense of the confusion. She was a delight to work with.

    – Mr and Mrs Webb
    Terrell, TX

  • Just wanted to let someone know what a super expericence we had with Jordan Kohanim.. My husband and I both would have never gotten through with all the paper work nor understand half of the things we were suppose to fill out. She seems to have made us feel like we were the only people she was working with. Made us feel so special.
    Thank you for all your help. You have made it so easy for us to understand and get the paper work finished. You really should make employee of the year or at least if no yearly one you should get one for month. Never have dealt with anyone so helpful and nice.
    Just wanted to let it be known that we are so happy Jordan was our rep. for our polices.

    – Julie and David Beck
    Coldspring, TX

  • "Marc went above and beyond! Whenever I had questions I emailed him and he responded right away, even followed up with calls to ensure I was being taken care of."

    – Debra Martinez
    Midland, TX

  • "Beverly is a heaven sent. She answered every question I had and if she didn't know the answer she found it for me and got right back to me. She always returns my calls which is very important to me."

    – Georgia Tregaskis
    Flower Mound, TX

  • "Shane did a great job. With his help the online application was amazing. All went well".

    – Dennis Mcbride
    La Porta, TX

  • Marcia answered all my questions, was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable I found the whole process overwhelming, but Marcia helped me go over all the plans and find which was best for me!

    – Rita Ewing
    Austin, TX

  • "Marc was outstanding! He explained everything really, really well. I've spoken with other agent's and was totally confused. Marc described everything so it was understandable. He took his time and didn't ever get flustered no matter how many questions I asked".

    – Zilla Adams
    Katy, TX

  • Rosezetta was so nice. I had issues in the beginning with my cards. I called Rosezetta and she walked me through the whole processes, trying to get it resolved. She was so nice when helping me, which is good because not everyone is that nice or helpful.

    – Jessica Bryant
    Lewisville, TX

  • Nancy was excellent help. I could not have enrolled with out her! She fully explained my plan, so I really understand it. She was very patient through the whole process and her perseverance really stood out to me. Nancy encouraged me the whole way.

    – Barbara Carr
    Austin, TX

  • "Ken gave me excellent service. I really appreciated that he helped me find the plan that was best for me instead of trying to sell me the most expensive plan".

    – Pil Tan
    Houston, TX

  • Dear Rosalyn Ahmad,

    I want to thank you so much for your help.

    You have been extremely helpful in my search for health care, going so far as to actually call and find a Doctor for me, when I was unable to do so. Every time we have spoken you have been the model person. Kind, generous and informative.It is rare in these days if you get someone on the phone that speaks the same language, much less, so helpful. I believe that you are a wonderful asset to have as an employee. I hope your company recognizes what an asset you are.

    I will always look forward to speaking to you when I have issues with my health insurance policy. Thank you so much.

    God Bless You!

    – Mary K Humphery
    Sulphur Springs, TX

  • Rosezetta was amazing! The whole enrollment process was very confussing with all the different dates and options. Rosezetta assisted me with my application and made the whole process easy.

    – Xavier Henton
    Plano, TX

  • Rosezetta was amazing! The whole enrollment process was very confussing with all the different dates and options. Rosezetta assisted me with my application and made the whole think easy.

    Janice Lance Bloomington, IL Mary Shipley ** does not want her name on website, but happy to share testimonial
    Mary was responsive and professional. She helped me navigate all the different parts from A to D! I would recommend her to any one retiring from State Farm!

    Jeffrey Schroeder Rockford, IL MS Phil Coelho
    Did an excellent job. In fact he couldn't have done have done any better. He helped the whole family out with policies. I never really expected to get that kind of service, he treated us as though we were special. Very positive experience and I've already passed his name along to others!

    – Xavier Henton
    Plano, TX

  • A few months back I signed up on the market place and had some trouble with it. I called the hotline and the representative was Elba Peralta-Cole. I asked for your info at the time because she was so helpful that I wanted someone to know how awesome she was! I'm sorry that this took so long to send and email but she was so patient, after the many times I forgot my password for the log-in to the market place, walking me through where I made simple mistakes. I know I wasn't easy and she was so patient and understanding. That nice lady needs a raise!! Or at least some additional vacation days for dealing with people like me!

    – Michael Taylor
    Grapevine Texas

  • Hello Brittany,

    Thank you for your recent email. It is reassuring to know that you are always available to your clients. The service has been great. When I tell a provider who my supplemental carrier is, I always get a favorable response.

    Just to let you know, if the opportunity arises, I will certainly recommend BCBS and you as their agent.

    – Dianne Taylor